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Crelan 3x3 Masters Neufchateau & Brussels: the recap

Time flies when you’re having fun! This is the recap of our second Crelan 3×3 Weekend 🔥

On Saturday we welcomed our ballers in Hall des Tanneries in Neufchâteau, due to the bad weather. 31 teams competed in 10 categories to win a ticket for the finals in Antwerp!

On Sunday the sun was literally out 😉 and so were we! Our 47 (!) teams gave their best in front of the Koning Boudewijnstadion in Brussels.  Of course MC Lieven was there to cheer for everyone!

The winners of the Crelan 3×3 Masters in Neufchâteau: 

👉 U13 Boys: La Frite

👉 U13 Girls: Black Panthers

👉 U15 Boys: Veni Vidi Vici

👉 U15 Girls: White Panthers

👉 U18 Boys: Open Run Elites

👉 U18 Women: The Gang

👉 U23 Men: Heatcheck

👉 U18+ Women: LuxTeam

👉 23+ Men Recreationnal: Ballers Connection 

👉 23+ Men Elite: Casino SPA Basket

The winners of the Crelan 3×3 Masters in Brussels:

👉 U13: GUCO Ballers winnaar 

👉 U15: Dino Brussels 

👉 U18 Boys: 4 Banc 

👉 U23 Men: The Freaks 

👉 U18 Girls: BBC Spurs 

👉 18+ Women: Team Antwerp Ladies 

👉 23+ Men Recreational: Team 7 

👉 23+ Men Elite: Swish Brussels 

The winners of the Crelan Shoot Out in Brussels: 

Vince T’Joncke & Logan Roosen 

What’s next?

This weekend we’re moving to Charleroi (17/7) & Ieper (18/7). Sign up before Wednesday midnight! 

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